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Saturday, October 1, 2011

I, Myself, and Facebook!

Thanks to all the social networks, today I am contacting and communication with people from all over the world. Gradually those people become close friends, and I learned to share with them even some private moments in my life. Yes, the internet has made our world seem smaller, and it sounds as if we all live next doors!!

Couple of years ago, before this revolution in communication technology, I read an article about the technology we live today, which stated that once this revolution happened, people would be lazy, and lose interest in moving; people would be just fat and dump since everything is available within hand reach. 

Now, as we enjoy this technology, I can say that it saves time and effort for me for instead of searching books lying on shelves covered with dust, books which no one reads, but a bookworm like me, now i can just press a finger, one slight press and all the information that I need is there, one step away, just ready for my mind to consume! So, i find internet is of great use to me, and I can say today it is indispensable to me.

Moreover, the social networks changed my character from introvert person, keeping feelings of anger, pain, and sometimes frustration to herself, because she is too shy to share these with immediate family or friends, as they can be the cause of these feelings or won't be able to understand, to someone who is ready to share, someone more expressive of what goes inside. I started to use language as a means of expression, something I rarely use in my daily real-life contacts.            

Social networks didn't give me more friends only, no what they have given me is more than that. I have discovered new territories about myself, as if I found what has been long lost in my life: communication. It becomes a habit for me to wake up and check what my FB friends have done and what they are up to, their posts enlighten me, and break the monotonous life that I used to be leading before. Yes, internet changed me, not by providing me with more knowledge only, but by giving me a life that always wanted to live, a life of interaction with people from different places of the world. Chatting with them, sharing a post, or join a debate, all feel like traveling around the globe, which has been always a dream to me.