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Monday, February 22, 2016

My Fairy Tale

I always wanted to live a fairy tale,
To have my heart stolen by a charming prince,
Who defeats evil for my love.

Sitting in a cafe, holding my book,
My eyes wondered outside the window,
Watching people minding their business,
Suddenly he shows up, tall and handsome,
So charmingly European....
Enchanted by his voice,
Asking "is this seat taken?"
(No one can fill it better, I thought)
I smiled, feeling the heat in my face,
He sat before me: my story has just begun!
Our eyes would meet, blue meeting black,
We would be spell bound,
He would start a conversation, about the weather maybe,
In a minute we'd become "match made in heaven",
We would exchange numbers, and he would call me,
We would live the fairy tale…

But every tale has an evil witch,
To spell-bound the lovers,
Setting them apart far away from each other...

(I can see it in your eyes, your blue avoiding my black,
I can see where you are looking),
My scarf sends you away,
Further beyond the oceans between our countries,
I will always be foreign to you,)

I blinked, and there he was,
turning toward the equally blue eyes,
They both make a perfect couple!
My story ends as it began...

Just a fairy tale…


  1. Wow. That was like watching a short film!

    1. I am interested in the narrative since so much is happening with me in London. I can use these experiences in my writing