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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

How is Baghdad

You ask about Baghdad, 'how is it now?'
(You probably think of the news,
You want confirmation).
For a second, I close my eyes,
Not easy, to answer that sort of a question!

I open my eyes, ready to answer:
Hold on a moment, let me think how to reply,
(I want to sound smart)
I think of the postcolonial burden,
Race, gender, ethnicity,
All hold me back....
I need to tell you something intelligent:
(Shall I give a witty answer?
Ironically funny?
Borrow from pop culture? Movies perhaps?
Shall I continue the game of a sophisticated academic?)

The moment grows too long, I need to face your inquiry...
I swallow all the images of blood, destruction and war,
(No need to explain),
I hold off tears, and simply say,

"Baghdad is not fine!"

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