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Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Story of Every Eid in Iraq

I am not sure what I am saying here, but I need to say it. We don't just live a miserable life, but we resign to the miserable fate willingly. Our lives don't matter anymore, not even to ourselves.

With every explosion, I read people's comments on the many lives lost in each incident, most of which are just passive and submissive. Most would dismiss the blood shed for no reason, with passive prayer "May God give them mercy, and end in heaven" (الله يرحمهم، يجعل مثواهم الجنة)!! Then they dismiss the pain of the victim's family with another submissive phrase, "May God give them patience" (الله يصبرهم ). After that we move on to live the rest of our days thinking this is why we are created: to live, die, then end up in heaven or hell!

Ironically, their killers from IS think and say the same, believing their recruits to to have God's mercy, to end in heaven. They also condole the families of the dead using the same words!!

I kept browsing all the pages reporting the explosion in Karrada, reading the comments, hoping that while people write away their sadness with a sentence of two, they would curse the government, and swear vengeance for the dead!! They do curse the government, but they seem to accept death as a fate!! They believe we all will die in a predestined date, probably predestined manner!

(If so, why do we have to punish those who are only God's tool to fulfill what he destined for us?!! Simply, it doesn't make sense!)

The explosion of Karada is no news for Iraqis. For years now Iraqis celebrate Eid with innocent blood, shed around its streets, with black flags hanging around its walls, and with cries of widows, orphans and bewailing mothers. No body is held responsible, because it is the will of God to have these innocents die; it is the will of God to wipe off smiles from every Muslim's face and replace it with tears. It is Allah's will, هذه ارادة الله Praise be to Allah, الحمد لله !!

We sign out, we move on to the next episode of some ridiculous human drama in far away land, meanwhile ask why we can't live like them? then dismiss these sinful thoughts with "You have God Iraq!" الك الله يا عراق

and the story continues.....  


  1. I have all the empathy and sympathy in the world for the situation in Iraq. I'm sorry president Obama has made things worse to be sure compared to when he entered office things have gone downhill I believe is a direct result of his lack of leadership in the Middle East.

    You must however realize that ultimately your sectarian violence is responsibility of the people of Iraq

    whatever for and influences there may be at the end of the day it is your country your people and life within your nation is up to you

    We don't always have the best understanding of the Civil War between Shia and Sunni Muslims and extremists from various factions within them but surely there is no external cure from your problems . The resolution of them must be organic and arise from within Iraq itself .

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    2. You are right John. The sectarian violence in Iraq, despite what the media and politics say, is the basically the responsibility of the people there. Outside forces may set a bait, but we can always choose not to take it and resist the urge to differ. Unfortunately, there are parties inside the country who are benefiting from this violence and prefer to keep it on.